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Crysis – Unofficial Multiplayer Patch Saves It From Its Gamespy Doom, Adds 70 Brand New MP Maps

Well, you gotta love fans. Crysis was one of the games that suffered from the closure of Gamespy and as you may have guessed, both Crytek and EA didn’t bother replacing the game’s MP servers. Instead of doing the ‘right’ thing, EA and Crytek decided to let the game die. But thanks to “GermanCrysis” forum, players can once again enjoy the MP of the best Crysis game.

As GermanCrysis noted, this patch updates the multiplayer mode of Crysis to work without the GameSpy master servers.

“This patch aims to redirect the online multiplayer requests to new master servers, allowing you to keep playing this game with the community. The only reason, why we published it is because the original servers are offline. Consequently, If Crytek, EA or GameSpy ever decides to relaunch the original servers, we will shutdown the ones related to this patch.”

What’s also interesting is the fact that this patch adds more than 70 unique, high-quality multiplayer maps, that were developed by the community. Yeap, you read that right. 70 new maps for Crysis’ MP mode.

Kudos to GermanCrysis for keeping Crysis alive, and to Reddit’s member ‘SvmJMPR’ for spotting it!