Crysis 3 PC – Input Lag and FOV Slider Spotted, SLI Fix

Crysis 3
Man, it’s hilarious what a simple post can get you into. Crytek’s ‘CalamariDinosaur’ has made a bad joke on the official MyCrysis forums that got a lot of PC gamers annoyed. Obviously, CalamariDinosaur was simply joking when he said to an SLI owner to buy a X360 as the PC version of Crysis 3’s beta did not run in SLI. However, that got quickly out of hand and PC gamers decided to give Crytek the middle finger for suggesting something like that.
So, if you own an SLI PC system and have not been able to get SLI working, here is what you need to do.
First of all, download the latest GeForce 313.96 Beta drivers (from here and here) that got released today. According to Nvidia, this new set of drivers fix an installation issue reported with GeForce 313.95 drivers with international (non-English) driver packages. Not only that, but a lot of PC gamers were getting annoying artifacts with GeForce 313.95 that are fixed with the GeForce 313.96.
If SLI is not working from the get-go with these new drivers, use Nvidia’s Inspector Tool and search for the Crysis 3 profile. Under that profile, check the executable file that is included in it. Press ‘Restore Current Profile To Nvidia Defaults’ and then head over to your Crysis 3 Beta folder and add the executable file. Apply changes and launch your game. SLI should be working now.
If – for whatever reason – SLI is still not working, give EVGA’s SLI Enhancement tool a go.
Now on to more good news. Crytek has implemented a FOV slider in Crysis 3 that can be accessed only when players are in-game. This slider can go up to 80 (from 55) and is under the Game Options. As said though, you can change the FOV only if you are in a match.
Last but not least, Crysis 3 seems to suffer from input lag. Crytek has not managed to fix this issue yet, so let’s hope that this input lag will be addressed with a day-one patch.