Crysis 2 Mod Arthias pushes CryEngine 3 to its limits and offers jaw-dropping visuals

Okay, I’m totally amazed by Crysis 2’s modder ‘Chrome235’ work. Chrome235 is developing a mod for Crysis 2 called Arthias. Arthias is a Sci-Fi adventure which will tell a deep, complex, and comes with gorgeous graphics. Seriously, the amount of detail is astonishing and I can’t believe that this mod is developed by one and only man. The work that has been put on it is incredible and you’ll find bellow some screenshots and videos from it. Seriously Crytek, just hire this fella. Just…wow.
Arthias promises to also feature a rich story of Humanity’s survival in a future full of political corruption, corporate greed, and religious fanaticism; following the story of one man’s struggle as he explores a planet that will one day hold the key to Humanity’s future.
Enjoy the images and videos!

Arthias: Prologue - Morning ToD Concept

Arthias Jungle Night

A Walk on Arthias - The Beach