Crysis 2 is the Best German Game 2011; wins six German Developer Awards

In line with yesterday evening’s awards ceremony in Düsseldorf (Germany), Crytek won a total of six German Developer Awards. Long story short, Crysis 2 has managed to receive the awards for ‘Best German Game’, ‘Best Action Game’, ‘Best Graphics’, ‘Best Soundtrack’, ‘Best Technology’ and ‘Best Console Game’. While this is great for Crytek, we feel a bit weird as… well… you know… Best Console Game of 2011 and Best Graphics? We think not. Anyway, it’s nice to see Crytek getting recognition for their sequel to one of the best – and most beautiful – PC FPS games.
Crytek’s founder Avni Yerli and members of the development team picked up the awards on stage and expressed their joy:
“It’s an incredible honor for us, to receive this huge recognition tonight. We are absolutely proud of what we achieved with Crysis 2. But this all would not have been possible without such an amazingly talented and hard working team. We want to thank everyone at Crytek for their efforts and for making this game possible.”
Congrats Crytek!