Cry of Fear 1.3 is now available; comes with new maps and monsters

Team Psykskallar has released a new version for their amazing Half-Life total conversion, Cry of Fear. This might be the team’s biggest patch yet for their total conversion and can be easily considered as a DLC, given the fact that it contains an awesome new game mode, as well as new maps and monsters. You can view below the download link, its changelog, and a video for it. Enjoy!
Cry of Fear Update 1.3 Changelog:
MAJOR Changes
•Added a new game mode including 4 maps, where one of the maps are new
•Added a new monster
•Added an example campaign
•Added support for custom campaigns
MISC Changes
•Added new donators
•Made players in co-op spawn with more health after CPR
•Made monsters easier to kill in co-op
•Made monsters able to attack players when performing CPR
•Made monsters able to attack players when standing inside eachothers in co-op
•Made CPR time shorter in co-op
•Made the time shorter when being knocked out by a taller
•Fixed death animation when stomped by taller
•Fixed Glock and VP70 sharing the same ammo when dual wielding
•Added more variations of the Psycho attack
•Added a flinch animation to the Psycho
•Fixed potential multiplayer crash
•Added a Facebook and Afraid of Monsters link in the launch app
•Fixed the bossbar in the city2 map in co-op
•Added bossbar to when Simon spawns in co-op
•Added abillity to heal other players with syringes in co-op
•Added abillity to revive other players with syringes in co-op
•Added an icon next to the player names to show if they have a syringe or not
•Added bolt reload when zooming in with the sniper
•Made it so the rifle can shoot through monsters, making it so you can get a double kill!
•Added some more “scares” around the levels, in both single player and co-op
•Made it so the mod tells the player that they should launch the mod with the launch app in case they haven’t
•Fixed monsters thinking players were still in the server when they had left
Those interested can download it from here.