Comparison: Next-Generation (Unreal Engine 4) vs Current-Generation (CryEngine 3 / Creation)

We bet that a lot of you are wondering how current-generation engines compare to the upcoming, next-generation version of the Unreal Engine, right? Well, time to find out. In this special feature, we compare Crysis 2’s (CryEngine 3) and Skyrim’s engine (the Creation engine) with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. Although there aren’t similar assets to compare with, we put together screenshots with almost identical scenes. We should also note that for the ‘particles test’ comparison, we used a Crysis shot with an extreme particles mod that is beyond anything we’ve ever seen. We decided to also include a video from this mod, so make sure to watch it and notice how all those sparks are bouncing around without hitting the framerate. So, what do you think? Is Unreal Engine 4 as ‘next-gen’ as you thought it would be?

Crysis particle Testing