MechWarrior Online – Beta news next week, game will feature destructible trees

Piranha Games have revealed some new, juicy details about their mecha F2P game, MechWarrior Online. We bet that a lot of you were disappointed with the static environments that were showcased in the latest gameplay videos of MechWarrior Online, right? Well, good news everyone as the game will feature tree destruction and small prop destruction.
The company has also unveiled that they will reveal their beta plans next week. Piranha Games is working very hard to ensure MWO has servers in every major region, and they are also exploring an official option for VoIP at the moment.
Internal components of mechs will be destroyable,  and both skins and cameo specs/patterns will be supported.
Unfortunately though, legs or arms cannot be blown off. Players will be able to do critical damage, meaning that the leg or arm can become useless and the mech will start limping. And no, Piranha Games will not release an SDK or Editor to the public.
Mechwarrior Online looks interesting and is powered by Crytek’s CryEngine 3. The game’s PC minimum requirements will be announced within the next couple of weeks.
Stay tuned for more!