Crash Time IV – The Syndicate hits stores in April 27th

PQube announced today that Crash Time 4 is currently planned for a late April release on X360, PS3, PC and Nintendo 3DS. Crash Time 4 (as the name suggests) excels in crashes/smashes and collisions, which results in hours of replay ability even after the single player story mode has been completed.
Crash Time 4 features integrated network play for online multiplayer mayhem – with up to 8 players. Race head to head either online or via split screen in over 40 different high speed cars on a wide variety of detailed tracks and variable terrains.
Crash Time 4 seamlessly integrates a brutal, bone crunching physics engine with an extensive story mode, over 40 high octane, fully customisable, fully destructible cars, state-of-the-art graphic and visual effects and 8 player multi-player modes for online multiplayer mayhem.
Crash Time 4 - PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360 | PS3 | 3DS TV Trailer - PQube Games