Crysis 3 boxart leaked via Origin; game takes place in a city, players will use a bow

Yesterday, we informed you about an incoming announcement from Crytek about one of their future games. And it seems that this game is no other than Crysis 3. Origin got accidentally leaked the game’s boxart that can be viewed below. Naturally, the service has been updated and you won’t find it right now, unless you are lucky enough and the client hasn’t been updated in your region. So go ahead and search for ‘crysis 3 limited edition download origin’ and you might get lucky. Crysis 3 was also teased in the next issue of GameReactor, so there is no doubt that the game will be announced pretty soon.
From the looks of it, the game will take place – again – in a city as we can see some buildings at the background. To be honest, these buildings look almost the same with the ones of the Crysis 2 boxart, meaning that Crysis 3 could take place – once again – in New York. But then again, the building on the right looks like the Sydney Opera House so we can’t be certain at this point for the game’s locations. We hope though that Crytek will try to expand the environments and offer some jungle levels alongside the city ones. Crysis 3 could benefit from different locations and let’s hope that it will not be as linear as Crysis 2 was. Oh, and it seems that players will be able to use a high-tech bow now. Crysis 3: Rambo Edition then, we call it.
Enjoy the screen-grab from Origin below!