Peter Molyneux left Microsoft cause he was being suffocated creatively; not yet made his best game

In a long interview with Develop-Online, Peter Molyneux explained the reasons he left Lionhead Studios and Microsoft. The main reason for Peter leaving MS was that he could not be as creative as he wanted to. At that time, Peter had this huge desire to make something truly special, but he was being suffocated creatively a little bit. And naturally, the cancellation of Project Milo was a huge push on making that decision.
As Peter stated:
“It took me a long time to get over it. Of course, I understood the decision. I really did. I’m not complaining about it. You have to be  realistic about these things.
You can’t just grieve for months over the death of something, whether  it’s a game or family member. But it was really hard.
What hurt the most is that the game actually worked. It was this  amazing, emotionally engaging game that was all about forging a  relationship with the player.”
However, things might work out for Milo after all. With the rise of digital distribution, Peter believes that this project could actually come to fruition. The biggest issue with Project Milo was the fact that some people could not imagine what Milo would look like on the shelves, next to all those shooter and violent games. Of course, MS and Lionhead own the rights to Milo but Peter could easily create a similar game – with a different protagonist – that shares the same idea and vision.
Molyneux concluded that he hasn’t created his best game yet and that he left MS and Lionhead in order to achieve that.
“I don’t think I’ve made my best game.
And I haven’t made one of the greatest games ever, have I?
To achieve that is my absolute, absolute passion.”