Confrontation is now available for pre-order on Steam and comes with a 10% discount

Focus Home Interactive has announced that their upcoming RTS/RPG hyrid, Confrontation, is available for pre-order on Steam. Developed by Cyanide, the team behind the upcoming Game of Thrones RPG and Of Orcs and Men, Confrontation takes what you loved from old-school RPGs and combine them with some strategic elements. We’ll have a preview in the following days, so stay tuned for it.
Those interested can pre-order the game from here. We should also note that it comes with a 10% discount, meaning that it will cost you 35.99 euros.
Confrontation, lets you lead a Griffin Elite Squad in missions through the territory of the fearsome Scorpion creatures, the terrible Wolfen packs, or the brutal Bran-Ô-Kor Orcs.
Along with a perilous solo campaign and numerous secondary missions, recruit Elite warriors that will fight by your side and build the best squad to complete your mission objectives.
Each of your warriors has its own unique characteristics. Earn experience, level up after battles and improve the weapons, armor and spells of your team. Get to know your enemy, anticipate his actions and exploit his weaknesses.
Confrontation is currently planned for an April 5th release on the PC!