Clueless Analyst Michael Pachter believes that ‘no one out there has a PC as powerful as a PS3’

It’s really a shame that there are analysts such Michael Pachter out there that can affect the gaming industry. It’s not because some might disagree with his opinions, but because this analyst is clueless and we are really puzzled with this whole thing. After countless of wrong assumptions for a huge number of topics, Pachter stated in his Pack Attack! shows that gamers won’t get any good games because they whined too much about ME3 and that no one out there has a PC as powerful as a PS3. Wait what?
That comment from Pachter’s twitter account – about PC gaming – was quite old (Pach Attack Episode 108 was the episode where Pachter addressed it, suggesting that ‘most’ PCs are not as powerful as PS3) but was brought to our attention by our reader Jean. Pachter explained that he meant “most” and that he is aware that a few have a PC more powerful than a PS3. Pachter also said that PC gaming is – more or less – dying, as the money was and is on consoles. Guess that’s why we’ve seen a lot of successful Kickstarter campaigns in the last couple of months. Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue if Pachter made another statement to counteract that previous one. In other words, he still believes (otherwise we’d have seen a new statement about it) that PS3 is more powerful than ‘most’ PC systems.
Obviously, Pachter does not know what he’s talking about as every multi-platform title looked, looks and will look better on the PC (compared to current-gen consoles). Hell, even a single GTX275 (coupled with a quad-core) outperforms PS3 in every way. No, forget that. Even Crysis 1 looks better – especially when modded – than every PS3 game out there. But you already know that, unless of course you’re a fanboy which brings the question – is Pachter a Sony fanboy? In fact, PS3 was outperformed by Nvidia’s 8800GTX the moment it got out, as all games looked and played better on the PC thanks to that card. Don’t believe us? Then go ahead and get that GPU, and run Oblivion modded or any other multiplatform title that was released back in those days.
What’s also hilarious is the fact that Pachter believes that gamers won’t get any good games because they whined about Mass Effect 3. Well Pachter, just a hint – Project Eternity and Dishonored say hello.
Fans should express their thoughts because they are the ones who made an ‘X’ company what it is today. Those were the ones who bought their games, supported them, made their games well known by suggesting them to other gamers, etc. You cannot blame fans when a game has major issues. You cannot blame fans when a development team fails to deliver. And you cannot blame fans when the co-founder of BioWare, Ray Muzyka, has already backed them up.
Naturally, you can view Pachter’s latest show – in which he bashes ME3 fans – on GameTrailers. We’ll not embed the video, but we’ll simply link to it. Why? Because we don’t like having such videos embedded that are full of you_know_what.

John Papadopoulos

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