Cliff Bleszinksi Aims To Create An FPS That Will Look Fantastic, Will Be Skilled Based, Targets 5V5

During a recent Reddit AMA, Cliff Bleszinksi shared a lot of new information about his new sci-fi free-to-play FPS shooter. According to Bleszinksi, BlueStreak needs to look fantastic on high-end PCs and – at the same time – run on really dated systems. Whether the team will be able to pull this off remains to be seen.

Although¬†Bleszinksi has not shared any details about the engine powering it, he implied that Unreal Engine 4 may be the engine of the team’s choice. From what it looks like, BlueStreak is in its really early stages so don’t expect it to see it anytime soon (a 2015 release seems unlikely to be honest).

Bleszinksi stated that BlueStreak will be a skilled based game, and that Boss Key Productions does not want to create another Pay2Win title.

Sure, once in a while the person who sucks might get lucky with a stray shot and take that person down, but I want to craft a game that has weapons and moves that are easy to learn but to really make them sing takes thousands of hours of play just like a professional athlete would. Anyone can toss a football, but Drew Brees can get it through the tire at X yards every time.” said Bleszinski and continued:

“I’m DETERMINED to not do Pay To Win. Since this game is a shooter I want that one player who likes the game and doesn’t feel like spending any money to be able to take down the trust fund kid that’s spent a ton of money to have All The Stuff.”

Bleszinksi also claimed that the game targets 5V5 with FFA initially, and that it is ‘closer to TF2, but it remains to be seen if we’re going to do no classes, light classes, or super identified roles.’

Last but not least, BlueStreak will emphasize on story, but not in the traditional sense.

“Weapons will have manufacturing corporations, players will have lore/history, and the world will feel there and lived in. We also want to make live action shorts quarterly to help tell more about the universe outside of the game. If you’re doing a Sci Fi IP you need as much of the fiction to come through in other mediums (and with lore) so people care about Plasma Rifle 3 or Player X.”