CD Projekt RED: PC allows for more at the moment but that might change in the future

Cyberpunk 2077 v4
We’ve all been wondering what next-gen consoles will bring to the table, and according to CD Projekt RED, these new consoles will be more powerful than we initially thought. According to CD Projekt RED’s MD and studio head Adam Badowski next-gen consoles will most probably unify requirements, meaning that all versions will look really close to each other. Badowski confirmed that PC allows for more at the moment, however new platforms are stepping up and will – most probably – unify requirements for future games.
As Badowski told Gamasutra in an interview when he was asked about the capabilities of PS4:
“PC allows for more at the moment, but new platforms are stepping up. In the future, it should be much easier to unify the requirements. Some things, like control schemes, will still need to be tailored to the platforms but the new platforms will unify requirements.”
Badowski has also revealed that CDPR’s upcoming games will be 64-bit and will support DX11. And even though CD Projekt RED knows a lot about next-generation consoles, they can’t comment on them just yet.
“We know a lot about the next gen platforms that we can’t comment on yet, but our strategy is that we’re always trying to maximise the quality for the platform, to use its particular strengths and advantages. Usually the weakest platform dictates the quality for all platforms, but high-quality visuals are our trademark so we need to approach each platform as individually as possible.”
Badowski concluded that PC was the lead platform in The Witcher 2 because it was the most powerful platform, but that could very well change in the future. Obviously this does not mean that CDPR is joining the dark side. At least not yet. It simply shows that next-generation consoles won’t be as weak as most people believe these days.
Good news then for everyone, we guess. It will be interesting to see how PC hardware will evolve these coming months and whether next-gen consoles will be able to push the graphical boundaries even higher.