Capcom joins Origin; SSF4: AE and DR2: Off The Record available through EA’s distribution service

As promised, Origin is extending its catalogue with third-party games and it’s time now for Capcom to jump on the ‘Origin-wagon’. The giant Japanese company is offering the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record through EA’s digital distribution service. And their price you ask? Exactly the same as with the Steam ones.
It’s a nice move from EA to extend Origin’s library but let’s face it; Origin is still in beta phase and Electronic Arts needs to stabilize it, finalize it and then extend its content. This is a race and EA wants a piece from Valve’s pie, no doubt about that. Who wouldn’t, right?
So, let’s just hope that EA will fix and improve Origin’s functionality before adding more third-party games – as this should be their primary priority!