Call of Duty: WWII may feature better mouse & rendering performance at launch

Call of Duty: WWII’s PC open beta phase ends tomorrow and Sledgehammer Games has revealed some of the features it’s currently working on. According to the team, the final PC version of Call of Duty: WWII may come with mouse and rendering performance improvements, as well as FOV enhancements.

Sledgehammer Games is also looking into connection quality optimizations, multi-monitor support, UI improvements, better switching between the game and other apps and more keyboard bind options.

The team has also shared the following features that will most probably be addressed at the game’s launch.

  • In War Mode, some buildable walls showing the gamertag of the person hiding behind them, giving away their position.
  • Implementing an option to quit the game from the MP menu, rather than having to go to Settings – Main Menu – Exit
  • Adding functionality to use numbers to set sensitivity, not just a slider
  • Allowing hold on Shift key to keep sprinting
  • Allowing hold and release Tab for the scoreboard
  • Some weapon muzzle flashes may be too strong in 1st person view model perspective
  • Infinite level loads and time-outs when using shader pre-caching and letter-boxing.
  • Crash fix on start-up for Windows 8.0.
  • Fixes to the behavior of the Resolution/Render Resolution/T2X Resolution advanced video options.
  • Fixes to the T2X Resolution setting not getting preserved after exiting the game.
  • We reduced the damage per second and decreased falloff range across all SMGs.
  • The STG44 Assault Rifle recoil was nerfed.
  • Minor buff to the fire rate of the M1A1, 1911 and P-08.

Call of Duty: WWII releases on November 3rd!