Sonic 2006 feature

Demo released for the fan remake of Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 in the Unity Engine

Sonic fans, here is something for you today. Sonic NEXT PC Team has released a demo of the Sonic 2006 fan remake in Unity Engine. Now we know that SEGA is fans of remakes and recreations, so we are pretty sure that the team will not receive a C&D letter, even though the game uses assets from Sonic 2006.

As the team noted, this project using only original SONIC THE HEDGEHOG files like assets, sounds and textures. Sonic 2006 was released on both X360 and PS3 and never came to the PC. As such, this fan remake – using a newer engine than the one used in Sonic 2006 – may turn out to be the best way to experience SEGA’s title.

This demo features the Dusty Desert level with Sonic and Elise, and can be downloaded from here or here.

Now we know that Sonic 2006 is not one of the best Sonic games but hey, this is a free recreation so you can at least give it a go. And while the team aims to recreate the whole game, there is no guaranteed that it will be able to achieve something like that. So yeah, if you are Sonic fans, download and play it.

Have fun!