Call of Duty: Black Ops III Will Be GPU Bound, Uses 100% Dedicated Servers For Public Matches

Call of Duty: Black Ops III releases tomorrow and Treyarch’s Director of Development has revealed some new information about the PC version. According to him, Call of Duty: Black Ops III will be more GPU bound than CPU bound. When a fan asked about the CPU scaling of Black Ops III’s engine, pcdev replied that the “GPU power is more important in this engine.”

Now since this game will be GPU bound, there is a question whether it will be friendly to multi-GPUs. Well, good news everyone as the game will ship with SLI support (NVIDIA released yesterday a new driver for Black Ops III). There will also be Crossfire support, however AMD has not released yet its optimized driver for this game.

It’s no secret that the beta of Black Ops III suffered from some annoying mouse acceleration issues. According to pcdev, the final build has lower mouse input lag than the one found in Black Ops 2.

Last but not least, pcdev revealed that the PC version will feature 100% dedicated servers for public matches and arena, and “Listen Server” hosts for Custom Games.

As always, we strongly suggest avoiding pre-orders. However, if you can’t wait until our PC Performance Analysis for Black Ops III gets published, you can pre-order it via the following button.
Let’s see how many noticed the typo or this hidden message 😉

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