Caffeine Demo V0.3 Released – Comes With Better Performance, Enhanced Lighting & Advanced Settings

Incandescent Imaging has released a new demo for its Unreal Engine 4-powered horror title, Caffeine. According to Dylan Browne, this new demo version of Caffeine is built on the latest Unreal Engine 4.2 engine that comes with various performance improvements. In addition, this version only supports 64-bit operating systems and comes with enhanced lighting effects.

Those interested can download this new demo from here.

Do note that there is a Kickstarter campaign for Caffeine.

Here is the changelog for this new version of Caffeine’s demo:

  • Advanced Graphical Settings (In Launcher)
  • 64-Bit Core (Caffeine Requires a 64-Bit Operating System At The Moment)
  • Enabled Developer Console (For Tweaking Oculus Settings)
  • Enhanced Lighting
  • Upgraded To Unreal Engine 4.2 Base (FPS increase observed on my mid level system)