Bugbear’s Next Car Game Now Available On Steam Via Early Access Program

Bugbear has released its spectacular Next Car Game on Steam via its Early Access Program. Next Car Game is described as a new demolition derby themed racing game with soft-body damage modeling, sophisticated driving dynamics and in-depth vehicle upgrading, featuring both demolition derbies and more traditional track races.

The game can be purchased from here and comes with a 8% discount until January 29th.

According to the Steam page, the first Early Access release contains two playable cars and three tracks, showcasing both white-knuckle track racing and explosive demolition derby action with 24 cars that will give you taste of things to come.

“During the coming months we’re going to give the game a lot of polish as well as implement many new exciting features, and all Early Access supporters have a unique opportunity to get involved in the development of the title.”


Next Car Game - Destruction Derby Gameplay