Clandestine – New Fighting Web-Series – First Trailer

Well, time for something a bit different. As you all know, we here in DSOG love live-action fan films. And as we’ve already said, Street Fighter x Tekken: Devil Within and Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight are easily two of our most favourite live-action films based on fighting games. The team behind them, Thousand Pounds Action Company, has been hard at work with a new fighting web-series, and has released the debut trailer for it.

This new web-series is called Clandestine and – unfortunately – is not related with any fighting game. Here is the description for this series.

“Hidden within the recesses of modern society, live four ancient supernatural clans who have been feuding since the beginning of time. Adelene, a young girl who knew nothing of the war between the clans, is suddenly thrown in the thick of it when it’s prophesied that she is the next matriarchal successor to the one of the Families.¬†

Clandestine is described as a martial arts action epic with political intrigue, love, and unforgettable supernatural action.

From the trailer, I was a bit let down as it appears that the series does not come close to the amazing Street Fighter x Tekken: Devil Within film. Clandestine is going for a broader crowd, no doubt about that. However, I’d love to see a web-series based on SFxT.

But anyway, enjoy the trailer!

Clandestine: First Two Episodes Trailer