Concursion Blends Together Five Different Game Genres, Debut Trailer Released

Puuba today officially revealed its debut project called ‘Concursion’. Concursion is said to be a game that features five genres smashing head-first into one another. In order to give us a better idea of what this game is all about, Puuba has also released the game’s debut trailer that can be viewed below.

As the press release reads, each of Concursion’s worlds intertwines with the others. This means that players will utilize radically different sets of game mechanics in quick-fire succession – taking on everything from platforming, to space combat, to Pac-Man-style maze-busting.

Puuba founder Danny Garfield said:

“Concursion is what happened when we couldn’t decide which game to make, and ended up making them all.”

Concursion is planned for release this year on PC and Mac.


Concursion Gameplay Trailer #1