BlueByte to the rescue; removes the graphics hardware identification from Anno 2070’s DRM

Oh boy, we were sooooooo annoyed when we heard Ubisoft’s response to Guru3D’s issues with Anno 2070’s activations. And although the company stated that everything was working as intended, Blue Byte came to the rescue and removed the ‘graphics card identification’ from Anno 2070’s DRM. This basically means that PC gamers will be able now to change as many GPUs as they want, without facing any issues at all. Well done Blue Byte!
As BlueByte’s mail – that was sent to Guru3D – read:
“Just wanted to let you know, that we now remove the graphics hardware from the hash used to identify the PC. That means everyone should now be able to switch the GFX as many times as he/she wants.”
Awesome and kudos to the developers for doing something like that. And boo-hoo to Ubisoft for not fixing it!