Assetto Corsa will feature the KTM X-BOW R super sports car

Kunos Simulazioni is pleased to announce the KTM X-BOW R as official licensed content for his new racing game “Assetto Corsa”. The KTM X-BOW R is a milestone in the over 50 years history of the KTM brand. A radical idea for a revolutionary super sports car that was developed and constructed in cooperation with the best specialists.
With the KTM X-BOW R the product range of the super sports car with the carbon monocoque includes the most powerful version yet developed. The “R” is the result of concentrated further development of this spectacular lightweight sports car. In the rear of the “R” is a 300 h.p 2.0 Liter TFSI engine from Audi with a maximum torque of 400 Nm and this ensures an unbelievable driving experience both on and off the racing circuit, because naturally the KTM X-BOW R is homologated for use on the road.
With a lateral acceleration of 1.5g and the ability to reach down force of around 200 kilograms at 200km/h the KTM X-BOW R is aimed at drivers looking for a purist driving experience, advanced technology and extraordinary solutions and as such is a perfect match to Assetto Corsa advanced simulation engine.
“Ready to Race” KTM’s official moto is a perfect match for “Assetto Corsa” (race prepared) and KUNOS Simulazioni development team is thrilled to have access to all the technical data of KTM X-BOW R, in order to reproduce its appearance and handling as close as possible to the real counterpart. We welcome the challenge to reproduce its breathtaking performance and precision handling in order to give gamers and virtual drivers the chance to dominate it on our laser scanned tracks.