BioWare Is Not Afraid Of Either ‘The Witcher 3’ Or ‘Dark Souls 2’

Dragon Age 3
It seems that a lot of Dragon Age 3 fans are a bit worried about BioWare’s upcoming RPG. After all, Dragon Age 3 was announced a while back and we have not seen it in action. We do not have any screenshots for what BioWare is planning, and we don’t even know much about it. If you were a common fan, you’d think that BioWare is a bit ‘afraid’ of two upcoming RPGs that everyone is mentioning these days; The Witcher 3 and Dark Souls 2. However, BioWare is confident and according to Blair Brown, the company is not ‘afriad’ of anyone as Dragon Age 3 is ‘definatly’ going to be released and at BioWare’s ‘usual high standards’.
Did you spot the typos? Well, those were not made by us but by BioWare’s employee. This is exactly what makes this story great, because it seems that the fans have touched a nerve.


According to Brown, BioWare¬†decides when it is ready to reveal information about Dragon Age 3 and not the game’s publisher, EA. But why are they delaying the game’s first media? Well, it seems that BioWare is waiting for the perfect moment and promises to blow everyone away. Okay, we’ve heard that before so we are not sure that the ‘current’ BioWare team is able to achieve what the old team built.
Special thanks go to NeoGAF’s member ‘shinobi602’ for spotting it.
Dragon Age 3: Inquisition¬†is currently planned for a late 2013 release on PC, X360 and PS3, and will be taking advantage of DICE’s Frostbite 3.0 engine.