Starfield new feature

Bethesda will add a FOV slider and DLSS in Starfield

Bethesda has revealed that it will add a FOV slider and official support for DLSS in Starfield via upcoming updates. In addition, the team will introduce Brightness and Contrast controls, will add HDR Calibration Menu, and bring support for 32:9 Ultrawide monitors.

As Bethesda noted, these features will not be included in the first patch for Starfield. Instead, the first update will be a small hotfix targeted at the “few top issues we are seeing.”

Now the good news here is that this will limit the number of mods that PC gamers must use in order to get an optimal experience in this game. Starfield should have supported all of these features from the get-go. But hey, at least Bethesda has not abandoned the game and will, eventually, add them.

Bethesda has also re-stated that it will release the Starfield Creation Kit in 2024. This kit will allow modders to create new experiences in this new space RPG.

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Stay tuned for more!