Starfield feature 2

You can now download a free DLSS 3 Frame Generation Mod for Starfield

And the time has finally come. Modder ‘LukeFZ’ has just released a completely free DLSS 3 Frame Generation Mod for Starfield. Yes,  you read that right. Contrary to PureDark’s DLSS 3 Frame Generation Mod (which also has a DRM system), this one is completely free to everyone.

For those wondering, LukeFZ is the man behind Starfield FSR2 Bridge. Starfield FSR2 Bridge was another mod for Starfield that added support for DLSS 2 and XeSS. Compared to PureDark’s mods, LukeFZ’s mods do not rely on Reshade. And, to be honest, I preferred LukeFZ’s DLSS 2 Mod over PureDark’s mod.

Now the bad news regarding this free DLSS 3 Frame Generation Mod is that it does not feature any in-game menu. Instead, RTX 40 series owners will have to edit the config.json file in the game directory. In a way, this will give you better control. However, you can’t make any DLSS 3 adjustments on the fly. Thus, it will be a pain in the a*s to benchmark native resolution, DLSS 2 and DLSS 3.

From the looks of it, this free DLSS 3 Mod for Starfield has nothing in common with the leaked version of PureDark’s DLSS 3 Mod. A couple of days ago, LukeFZ was looking for some beta testers. The modder has stated that he did not own an RTX 40 series GPU, which is why he’s been looking for testers. So no, there is no foul play here.

You can go ahead and download this free DLSS 3 Frame Generation Mod for Starfield from here. As we’ve said multiple times, only NVIDIA’s RTX 40 series GPUs support DLSS 3 Frame Generation. For all other RTX owners, the mod allows you to use DLSS 3 Super Resolution.

Speaking of Starfield, I also suggest downloading this mod which resolves the game’s elevated black levels/washed-out graphics. You can also use this guide in order to increase your FOV. And then we have this AI-upscaled 4K Texture Pack.

Have fun!