Beta phase for Obsidian’s Grounded will begin on June 9th, will be also part of the Steam Game Festival

Microsoft has announced that the beta flight phase for Obsidian’s new survival game, Grounded, will begin on June 9th. From June 9th and extending through June 14th, players will have an opportunity to play an early demo.

Moreover, Microsoft has announced that Grounded will be part of the Steam Game Festival. As such, PC gamers will be able to download and play the demo via Steam on June 9th.

Grounded is a survival game, featuring a building system, crafting, looting and combat system. Furthermore, the game will allow players to build shelters by knocking down some tufts of grass. The game will also allow players to freely explore the game world.

According to the team, players will have complete freedom in a sandbox environment. Additionally, the game will also have a narrative component just to offer the right motivation.

Microsoft and Obsidian originally planned for a Spring 2020 release. Whether they will be able to release the game on time remains to be seen.

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