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Beautiful Doom 6.2.1 is now available for download

A few days ago, we informed you about the latest version of the Beautiful Doom mod for the original Doom games. And today, modder ‘Jekyll_Grim_Payne’ released a brand new version of it. According to the modder, this new version unlocks the weapon sets from player classes. As such, there’s no longer “vanilla weapons marine” or “enhanced weapons marine” and instead gamers can enable or disable the enhanced weapons via a simple option.

In addition, this new version of Beautiful Doom fixes a bug that enabled Arch-Viles to resurrect Pain Elementals, improves the blood pools, improves Plasma Rifle’s muzzle flash so it can now better match the color of plasma projectiles, adds new decals, and adds a cooler effect to the Icon of Sin’s spawn cubes.

Those interested can download Beautiful Doom 6.2.1 from here. As we’ve already said,┬áthis mod is currently only compatible with GZDoom.

Have fun!

Beautiful Doom 6.2.1 Update Description & Download link