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Beautiful Doom 6.2.0 is now available, improves visuals, adds new blood effects & new BFG9000 attack

Modder ‘Jekyll_Grim_Payne’ has released a new version of his amazing Beautiful Doom mod for the original Doom games. This mod is basically the grandfather of other popular mods, like Brutal Doom, and was originally released back in 2008.

This mod aims to improve each and every single object in Doom, making them smoother, more impressive visually and having better sounds while retaining vanilla gameplay. As such, players will witness new smoke effects, casings, debris, hugely enhanced gibbing system, and smooth weapon animations.

In Beautiful Doom 6.2.0, Jekyll_Grim_Payne has added some new blood effects. Blood can now spray on the ceiling and slowly drip down in nicely-animated blood drops, it can form proper pools, and players can leave bloody footprints (similar to those found in Duke Nukem 3D). Furthermore, the code and behavior of blood has generally been improved and made more consistent, and decorative blood looks now much better.

Jekyll_Grim_Payne has also improved Arch-Vile’s resurrection, making it much cooler on gibbed monsters as gibs now don’t just disappear but move towards the place of resurrection.

Last but not least, the modder has added a new alternative attack to the BFG, and improved its main attack with more consistent lighting and green sparks.

Those interested can download the latest version of the Beautiful Doom mod from here. Do note that this mod is only compatible with GZDoom.


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