Battlefield 4’s Single-Player & Multiplayer Trailers Were Running On The PC

Battlefield 4 v2
Well okay, we already knew that DICE would showcase Battlefield 4 on the PC, but we now have some evidence to back these claims. Yesterday, DICE revealed an image from the PC that would be running Battlefield 4. And today, during the MP mode that was demoed at EA’s conference we saw some of the devs playing with keyboard+mouse, indicating that EA was showing off the PC version of their title.
But that’s not all. In an interview with Geoff Keighley, Peter Moore revealed that BF4 was running on PC with hardware components similar to those of the Xbox One.
What’s really ironic, though, is that the SP mode of Battlefield 4 that was shown off during Microsoft’s conference was also running on the PC. At one point, we get to see some button prompts, and one of them is the backspace key of a keyboard. This obviously hints at the PC version, and we have a screen that proves it (kudos to Reddit user ‘jrw777’ for spotting it).
We’ve contacted DICE about the specs of the PC that was running BF4, so hopefully we’ll have some more news for you today!