Battlefield 4 – Alpha Test Starts Today, Won’t Support Windows 8 or 32bit OS Systems

Battlefield 4 v4
E3 is over but Battlefield fans can look forward to even more news about DICE’s upcoming title. According to an email we got, the alpha testing phase of Battlefield 4 will start later today, and Electronic Arts has released the minimum specs for this alpha build. According to those specs, Battlefield 4’s alpha build won’t support Windows 8 or 32bit OS systems. We don’t know whether the final build will have these restrictions, but we do know that DICE wanted to release games that would be exclusive to 64-bit OS systems.
Battlefield 4’s alpha phase will last 14 days, and as the company revealed, a beta testing phase will be launched at the end of August of all platforms.

BF4 Alpha Testing Phase

Here are the minimum specs for Battlefield 4 Alpha Build:
-OS: Vista SP2, Win7 (Win8 not supported)
-64 bit (32 bit not supported)
-Dx10 or Dx 11 GPU with 1+GB of RAM, Dx 11 highly recommended
-25GB HDD free space required
-Latest Origin version required
Our guess is that the Alpha will feature the map and modes that were available during E3.
Enjoy and stay tuned for some leaked footage as we’re pretty sure that some people will be able to show everyone what DICE has been up to.
We’ve also included below a video featuring some BF4 footage from this year’s E3. Kudos to our reader ‘Psycho_Warhead’ for sending this to us!
BATTLEFIELD 4 MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY - Only in Battlefield 4 - Exclusive Montage!