Battlefield 3’s community manager hints at some new stuff that will be revealed later today

Daniel Matros, Battlefield 3’s community manager, has just tweeted that some new BF3 stuff are on the way. Obviously DICE is working at something new and Daniel teased BF3’s fans by saying that they are in for a treat, as this ‘new stuff’ will be revealed today. What this nice surprise could actually be? A new DLC? More bans? A new patch? We’ll find out soon enough.
As Daniel tweeted:
“New stuff happening. Good day today :). Fans we’ll be in for a treat later on.”
Personally, I want a dino expansion pack, but that is not gonna happen anytime soon. Still, I can hope for something like that, right? Oh, come on. What’s more fun than a T-Rex spreading chaos and destroying tanks? Curse DICE for not releasing the mod tools as someone would make a similar mod.
Stay tuned for the BF3 surprise!
Seems that the big surprise is Battlerecorder. Daniel Matros has just tweeted that although Nations Cup is exciting, it would be even better with Spectator mode. Since we are waiting for big news about BF3, this is obviously a hint and not a random tweet. Daniel then tweeted that nothing was confirmed or said yet.
Daniel Matros has also tweeted:
“Calm down now. It´s been a wish and an ambition of mine since way back to have spectator mode in our future games.”
So, Daniel says that there are some big news coming today for BF3, he has been wishing for Battlerecorder and hints at Spectator mode. Yeap, this could easily be the big new stuff that DICE has in store for us.