Battlefield 3 PC Server Fix Update coming next week, AA missiles fix will be included

A couple of days ago, we informed you about a server fix update that was released on consoles. Well, good news everyone as Gustav Halling has revealed that this update will – most probably – hit PCs next week. Gustav had predicted that the PC server fix would be rolled out next Tuesday. Unfortunately, it seems that it will get slightly delayed as BF3’s Lead Designer has unveiled that the update will be deployed at the end of next week, meaning that we should expect it around Thursday or Friday.
Gustav said that the delay of the PC fix was due to different platforms having different update days. This seems a bit awkward as DICE has proved that they can deploy a server fix whenever they want. But what do we know, right?
Gustav has also revealed that the PC server update will include a fix for the AA missiles bug/issue. We don’t know though whether the PC update will include a possible fix for the mortar issue in Grand Bazaar.
In other news, Daniel Matros has tweeted that DICE has some nice surprises for PAX visitors:
“Big up to the Nvidia crew settig up our stations. PAX visitors are up for something good from us at DICE tomorrow.”