BF3: Server fix for Heat seekers and TV-missiles rolled out, incoming fix for mortar in Grand Bazaar

With the release of Battlefield 3’s patch 1.5, some extraordinary bugs were introduced to the game. Which is typical for DICE’s patches, right? Both Heat seekers and TV missiles were bugged and dogfights where – in general – screwed up. Thankfully though, DICE was quick to react and have just released a server hotfix that resolves those two issues and features some backend fixes.
As Gustav Halling, Lead Designer of Battlefield 3 tweeted:
“We are rolling out a server-fix for Heat seekers and TV-missiles bugs today.”
Awesome news. Gustav revealed later on that they decided to nerf the TV-missiles because it was not their intention to 1-hit kill all 100% healthy vehicles in the game. Obviously, an armored vehicle should not be insta-killed by the TV-missiles.
Moreover, various users have been experiencing issues with mortar as it doesn’t work on the Grand Bazaar map. Gustav responded to one of the complaints and said that DICE is working on it. Hopefully a fix will be released in the coming week.
We should also note that the server fix updates were rolled out only for consoles. PC will get its update in the coming days since it has its own update days. Gustav predicted that the PC server fix might be rolled out next Tuesday. In other words, you’ll have to be a little more patient you BF3 PC fans.
We’ve also included a hilarious video that showcases the Heat Seekers missiles bug. Enjoy!
BF3 FAIL Heat seekers broken after R4 patch