Battlefield 3 PC Leaked 12 Days Before Official Release

We’ve been criticised for reporting only console leaks of triple-A games, thus favouring the PC platform. This is not the case as today, we bring you news about a major Battlefield 3 leak. DICE’s highly anticipated PC version of Battlefield 3 has just been leaked to various torrent sites, 12 days before official release.
Console versions are safe – for now at least. The leaked PC version is 9.96GB in size and its single player portion is fully playable. We can obviously assume that someone, who works at a sales retailer, got a copy and leaked it but why on Earth did the retailer break the street release date? This is really something that needs to be addressed, plain and simple.
Battlefield 3 is slated for release on October 28th. It’s really sad that pirates will be able to enjoy it first and we don’t know how this leak will actually affect the PC version’s sales. Lets hope that it won’t.