Battlefield 2042 new feature

Battlefield 2042 already has its first free to play weekend, one month after release

In what appears to be a desperate move to increase Battlefield 2042’s player base, EA and DICE have launched the first free-to-play weekend for it. From today and until December 20th, PC gamers can download and play this new BF game.

Do note that this is a free-to-play and not a free-to-own offer. As such, you will only be able to play the game for free during this weekend.

My guess is that EA and DICE want more players to experience the game’s latest version which appears to be in a much better state than its launch version. After all, Battlefield 2042’s Update 3.0 featured over 150 fixes. DICE has also released Update 3.1 which fixed additional issues. However, the game still suffers from major issues and there is still no server browser (or any of the legacy features that BF fans have been requesting these past few weeks).

I don’t really remember any previous Battlefield game having a free-to-play weekend this close to launch. So yeah, as I said, this appears to be a desperate move to increase the game’s player base.

Ironically, and speaking of BF 2042, there is a new Battlefield parody FPS game, called Clownfield 2042. My guess is that this BF 2042 parody game will be free to play. As such, it will be really funny if this game ends up having more players than the real BF 2042 game.

But anyway, you can download and play the game from here.