Star Wars Eclipse feature

First details for Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse reportedly leaked

It appears that the first details for Quantic Dream’s have been leaked online. According to the leak, Star Wars Eclipse will be an open-world action-adventure game, and will be using Quantic Dream’s in-house engine.

This information comes from AccNGT who had leaked a screenshot from Star Wars Eclipse’s announcement trailer prior to its official reveal. Not only that, but AccNGT had also leaked the game’s full title. Thus, this source appears to be credible. Still, and as with all rumors/leaks, we suggest taking everything you’re about to read with a grain of salt.

According to AccNGT, Star Wars Eclipse will feature interactive story-telling. Moreover, it will feature more playable characters than any other Quantic Dreams game.

Here are all the details that AccNGT leaked.

  • It is an action-adventure game
  • It will feature interactive story-telling
  • Inspired by The Last of Us
  • It will be open world
  • Additionally, it will feature some multiplayer (competitive)
  • It is being described as an ambitious and original project
  • The action gameplay is described as being traditional
  • The story will be non-linear
  • It will feature more playable characters than any other Quantic Dreams game
  • The development started more than a year and a half ago
  • They are using their in-house engine for it
  • Developed by Quantic Dream Montreal and Paris

Thanks TwistedVoxel