Batman Arkham Origins feature 2

Batman: Arkham Origins Will Get A New DLC With Mr. Freeze

As ┬ásuspected, Warner Bros has revealed a new DLC today for Batman: Arkham Origins. According to its official FB page, all fans are invited to the awards Gala for the ‘Humanitarian of the year’ award. Now while this may not be what most of you have been expecting, the following image clearly suggests that the next DLC will focus on Mr. Freeze.

BAO Humanitarian

DC Animated Universe Wiki reads:

“As Bruce is leaving, Boyle comments that he is to be presented with a humanitarian award. Posing as a security guard, Batman sneaks into Gothcorp’s offices and finds a security camera tape with footage of the accident: on it, a man named Victor Fries records that he has put his wife, Nora, into cryogenic stasis after she became terminally ill, to give himself time to research a cure.”

This is pretty much a confirmation about the Mr. Freeze DLC of Batman: Arkham Origins. However, and since Warner Bros has not issued any press release as of yet, take it with a grain of salt.

All in all, Batman fans should have seen this DLC coming. Warner Bros didn’t have any plans to unveil the next iteration of the Batman series, despite the fact that most of its fans wished for something more than a DLC announcement (or should we say a DLC tease).