Avalanche Studios has faith in the F2P model, will start creating F2P titles on consoles

Just Cause 2 v2
It seems that Avalanche Studios has faith in the F2P model, a model that will obviously take off in the next couple of years. After Crytek’s statements about going full F2P, Avalanche Studios’ Founder & CTO, Linus Blomberg, stated that the company will continue making F2P titles on the PC, and that they’ll start doing it on consoles and mobiles too.
Now some of you may be wondering how come they’ve been doing this for four years on the PC? The answer is simple. theHunter is a F2P title that was developed by Avalanche and was released in March 2009. The good thing about theHunter is that it’s a great looking game, meaning that F2P titles can look good.
On the other hand, that statement does not mean that Avalanche will stop developing retail triple-A titles. We already know that Avalanche is working on some new projects that will be most probably coming to next-generation platforms. Back in February, Christofer Sundberg, founder of Avalanche Studios, teased some new images from one of Avalanche’s games.
Still, and as other developers have already admitted, the F2P model is definitely gaining some ground. And this is precisely why Avalanche will bring or develop new F2P titles to mobiles and consoles.
Naturally, the biggest fear of gamers is that most – if not all – F2P titles will be easily turned into P2P jokes. After all, a lot of titles have already fallen victims to that decision, so here is hoping that gaming – in the next couple of years – won’t be focused towards the P2P model.