The Stomping Land Is A New Dinosaur Game, Prototype Trailer Released

The Stomping Land
Fun fact; earlier this morning I was listening to the OST from the SNES version of Jurassic Park and was wondering why there weren’t any good dino games. Fast forward a couple of hours and here we are with The Stomping Land, an indie third-person dino game. Okay, we don’t know if this will actually be a good game or not, however it has potential.
The Stomping Land is created by a team of three people (Alex ‘jig’, Nick ‘kcin’ and Lee Fisk) and a prototype trailer has been released, showcasing what the team aims to – more or less – achieve. Since this is a prototype trailer, most dinosaurs are texture-less and everything seems very un-polished.
According to its official website, The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game. Each and every player take the role of a hunter and by salvaging resources from the world, they will have access to tools and abilities that make them a competent hunter.
Players will be able to build traps to wound carnivores, hunt down masses of small dinosaurs and sabotage camps built by other players that contain food.
There is no ETA yet and there won’t be an SP mode for it. Which sucks but let’s not forget that this indie team does not have the resources of most triple-A studios. Which brings me back to my earlier question; when will we see a new dino game with a stunning SP mode and next-gen visuals? Will Primal Carnage: Genesis fill that gap or will we have to rely on impressive mods for titles like Half-Life 2 and Crysis that never actually see the light of day?