Avalanche Studios Teases New Image From Unannounced Game, E3 Reveal Seems Possible

Just Cause 2
Christofer Sundberg, founder of Avalanche Studios, is at it again and has teased a new image from one of Avalanche’s upcoming, unannounced, games. Not only that, but when a fan asked whether Christofer could show some gameplay footage instead of teasing shots, the founder of Avalanche hinted at an E3 reveal with – possibly – some gameplay footage from this title.
As we can see, this character is the same with the one that was featured in the last teasing image that was shared by Christofer. A lot of people think that this could be the rumored Mad Max game that is being developed by Avalanche, however this seems more like a new Just Cause game to us. But then again we could be wrong. At least the character has the exact same animation with Rico, so this can’t be a coincidence… can it?
You can view the screenshot below. What do you think? Mad Max or Just Cause 3?