Avalanche details the first improvements that will be coming to Just Cause 4 via the next update

Avalanche Studios has issued an official statement about Just Cause 4. The development team claimed that it is already planning to release the first wave of improvements and aiming to have these available to everyone in the next couple of weeks.

According to the key features, the PC patch will come with improvements to menu navigation for mouse and keyboard users, support for remapping of movement keys, improved vegetation rendering and asset updates, fixes to some texture mapping issues, and increased mouse sensitivity range. However, there is no mention of any water improvements so perhaps the water was designed to be THAT ugly?

Avalanche claimed that it is  a small but very passionate team, however the state of the PC build is simply inexcusable. We’ve seen some really bad PC versions this year but this one reminded me of Batman: Arkham Knight (hint: Batman: Arkham Knight is fully enjoyable today on the PC thanks to some major post-launch patches).

Here is hoping that Avalanche will turn the tide and polish this broken PC version with its post-launch patches. Below you can find the key features of the upcoming PC patch.

Just Cause 4 December Update Key Features

  • Improvements to menu navigation for mouse and keyboard users
  • Support for remapping of movement keys
  • Improved vegetation rendering and asset updates
  • Fixes to some texture mapping issues
  • Increased mouse sensitivity range
  • Corrected specialised vehicle support for mouse and keyboard players
  • Fixed issue with steering flying vehicles with keyboard
  • Numerous stability fixes