New Borderlands 2 mods remove blocking obstacles, overhaul Arena & difficulty, enable co-op & more

Borderlands 2 fans, here are some cool mods for you today. Modders ‘OB4MA’, ‘Robeth’ and ‘Hemaxhu’ have released several mods that remove blocking obstacles from the game, overhaul the Arena, overhaul the difficulty by making the game harder but more rewarding, and enable co-op with 5+ players in a single game.

Let’s start with the Robeth’s Unlimited COOP mod for Borderlands 2. This is a tool to patch Borderlands 2 to support 5+ players in game. According to its description, the tool will place a patched version of Borderlands 2 on your desktop that you need to run to use my COOP mod. To execute the COOP patch in game, press ‘~’ and type exec cooppatch.txt. Do note that the patcher might act like it’s frozen after you press the patch button, but it’s just making a copy of your entire Borderlands 2 folder for safety.

On the other hand, the Loot Despawner – FPS Booster – Crash Reducer – Loot Negator mod allows the player to change how fast items all over the world shrink and disappear. This mod comes with a selection of options for a fully customized experience, and a tutorial is included in it.

The Arena Overhauls mod moves the quest giver, vending machines, respawn and spawn locations as well as makes the windows in most arenas easily shot through with all forms of projectiles. This mod also makes round 5 repeatable for farming multiple variants of quest rewards. The mod has support for babysitting and has an option to disable death costs in the arena maps only.

Perhaps a cooler mod is Blocking Door Removal. According to the modder, it removes various obstacles from the world once they are interacted with. This includes the arena gates that lock players out of a boss fight if they die. The mod also works for Digistruct Peak as well, by removing all of the gates.

Last but not least, Fight For Your Life Lands 2 is a mod that aims to increase game difficulty, change the way you play the game, provide new game experience, and add more items to the game.
It changes game in many ways. This mod touches almost everything in the game: Guns, Items, Skills, Enemies, Slot Machines, etc.

Have fun!