DayZ version 1.0 releases on December 13th

Bohemia Interactive has announced that DayZ will leave Early Access with a PC 1.0 update on December 13th, after almost exactly 5 years in open development. In order to celebrate this announcement, the publisher has released a new trailer that you can find below.

The developers claimed that the 1.0 launch should feel like a fresh new start for anyone who has not played DayZ for some time, and that everyone has been working hard and will continue for this remaining week to deliver the best launch version they can.

“With the BETA last month, we’ve seen the return of the first vehicle and item stashes, as well as the premiere of DayZ base building, the release of server files and the beginning of Modding Support. The most recent Experimental Update has returned horticulture to the game, making survival within your base more autonomous, and allowing the return of the full hermit play style.”


DayZ is leaving Early Access on December 13 - PC 1.0 Launch Teaser