Atomic Heart-5

Atomic Heart will now release in Winter 2022, to be published by Focus Entertainment

Focus Entertainment has announced its partnership with Mundfish to publish the upcoming Atomic Heart. In addition, the publisher revealed that the game will now release in Winter 2022.

As Focus Home Interactive noted:

“Polishing and delivering a game of the highest quality is the priority of this talented team, with a specific launch date to be announced shortly.”

Winter 2022 begins on December 21st, 2022, and ends on March 20th, 2023. As such, we can assume that the game will miss its 2022 release date and will now come out in early 2023.

Robert Bagratuni, CEO of Mundfish, said:

“Five years ago, when we founded the studio, we set ourselves the goal of creating a world-class product that could be appreciated by millions of people all over the world. And now, when the stakes are as high as ever, we are finally ready to release the momentum we have been accumulating over these years. We couldn’t be happier to head to the release with such an experienced publisher, and we have no doubt that Focus Entertainment will make the upcoming game launch truly outstanding.”

Julien Ramette, Chief Business Development Officer at Focus Entertainment, also added:

“It’s an honor to collaborate with a studio as talented as Mundfish. We were amazed by Robert and his teams’ creative minds as soon as we started exchanging. The AAA standards they’ve provided for their first game is truly an accomplishment. Atomic Heart is sure to honor all players in search of an original, new generation experience.”

Stay tuned for more!