Wolfenstein Enemy Territory feature

After 20 years, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory gets official dedicated servers

Now here is a pleasant surprise. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory came out in April 2002 and after twenty years, the game finally gets official dedicated servers.

These official dedicated servers run the vanilla Enemy Territory Campaign ruleset, with all six original maps and no mods. In other words, you’ll be getting the original vanilla 2002 experience.

Seriously, this is a pleasant surprise for such an old game. These days, most developers simply take down the servers of older games in order to save resources. And here we have Bethesda offering dedicated servers for a game that came out two decades ago.

But anyway, you can download and play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for free from Steam. Below you can also find the key features of its latest update.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Official Dedicated Servers Update Key Notes

  • Official servers will be named: “id Software Official Vanilla Server – (Region)”
  • Four official servers deployed.
  • One official server per region.
  • Regions supported include:
  • US: Texas
  • EU: Netherlands
  • AU: Canberra
  • UK: London
  • All official servers run the “Campaign” game mode by default. Official servers maintain the following settings:
  • Server MOTD: Official & Vanilla Servers hosted by id Software. Enjoy! These servers are unmoderated. For issues, help.bethesda.net
  • Game Type: Campaign
  • Maximum Players: 16 (8v8)
  • Friendly Fire: Yes
  • Punkbuster: No
  • Anti-Lag: Yes
  • Max Lives: Off
  • Weapon Restriction: Off