Atari Rejects Freeware Blood Remake

Now this sucks. Back in August 2012, we informed you about a possible remake of Blood. Jason Hall, Monolith Productions’ founder, wanted to bring back Blood with a brand new remake that would be staying true to the game’s roots, and would be released for free. Fast forward a couple of months and here we are today with Atari rejecting this project for unknown reasons.
As Jason Hall wrote on the Blood fan forums Postmortem:
“I just got an unusually short, one sentence e-mail from Atari, letting me know that given the current set of circumstances, they are choosing to decline to proceed. The only thing that can be done at this point is to wait and see what happens with ATARI, and hope that they find themselves in a position and mindset to allow my efforts to continue on this matter at a future date.”
Blood was developed by Monolith and was released over 15 years ago. Blood is still consider one of the classic FPS title of the pseudo-3D era, and featured tons of blood. It was a special FPS, and saw a 3D sequel a couple of years later. Unfortunately, the sequel was not a commercial success and the series was put on hold.
It sucks that we won’t be getting this freeware remake, but those interested can still play the original title via
Special thanks to Cinemablend for spotting it!