Aliens: Colonial Marines tester spills the beans: “SEGA were well aware the game sucks”

Aliens Colonial Marines v2
Aliens: Colonial Marines will be the title that will surpass Duke Nukem Forever. Yes, it wasn’t under development for as much time as 3D Realms’ FPS was, however it turned out to be just as bad as Duke’s latest adventures. And ironically, it will keep us busy for a long time. A tester of Aliens: Colonial Marines has started an AMA on Reddit and according to the moderators of the sub-reddit /r/Games, this is a valid tester of Aliens: Colonial Marines. In other words, no, this is not someone trolling or someone faking information just for the heck of it.
According to the tester, SEGA was well aware that the game sucked when they were promoting and when they were about to release it. Not only that, but the tester claims that Gearbox used the money they got for Aliens: Colonial Marines on Borderlands 2. It’s really awkward hearing such things, and we are really wondering whether Gearbox and SEGA will respond to those accusations.


The tester has also revealed that the E3 demo was never part of the actual game and what was showcased was not from Unreal Engine 3. The tester admits that the final game has a similar mission but it’s not as exciting as the one featured in the press demo.
As for the WiiU version, the tester had this to say:
Oh wow. Yes okay. I was hoping someone would ask this. I have played the WiiU version. The one that is supposedly the best of all of them? It is not. It is the worst. It is a bit of a joke. The WiiU is basically the same game as the console version but with framerate issues, worse texture loading, and horrendously misguided minigames thrown in. You get a ‘scanner’ to scan enemies and get bonus points that aid your harming them. When you cut open doors (which happens a lot in the game) you have a game where you have to keep the heat ‘optimal’. They just add frustration, and take away even more from the fun. We don’t know if it will come out, Sega are conisdering canceling it, but right now its still going.”
The tester has also confirmed that Gearbox was mainly responsible for this whole mess and not TimeGate Studios, something that has been confirmed by SEGA too.
In other news, this tester is currently working on the Aliens game that is being developed by Creative Assembly. The tester claims that that game looks amazing – very dark and very slow paced (in a good way). “The textures and lighting look really really good” said the tester and continued: “I’ve seen it running on a PC. The PS4 devkit looks like a computer. It looks as good rif not better running as any super high end pc. We did not have those controllers, but they look like what was promised.”
Last but not least, the tester claimed that both SEGA and Gearbox lied to everyone about Aliens: Colonial Marines and that no amount of money would fix this mess we call Aliens: Colonial Marines. Ouch.
The tester has deleted his Reddit account. This was either in order to avoid getting sued by SEGA and Gearbox or because there was something ‘wrong’ with it. Moderators verified this user’s claims, so for now we can take their word on this. We’ll be sure to update the story as soon as we get new information about it. The aforementioned comments were made by “soetester” (Sega of Europe Tester). There is a high change that someone from Gearbox or SEGA managed to identify him based on something that he said. Those interested can read the full AMA here.
According to /r/Games moderator ‘nothis’:
Guy just deleted everything. He sent as good confirmation as one could expect on the internet. Maybe just a troll or tomorrow we’ll learn how “reddit was gamed by the investigative uber journalist” and why we shouldn’t trust any sources ever. Or he got cold feet after revisiting his contract with Gearbox.”
This whole thing is currently fishy, so we’d suggest to take everything you just read with a grain of salt.