Blood Remake Initiated – Will Be Free & Identical To The Original Game

Boy what a month. After the news of Rise of the Triad’s remake, here comes another remake for one of Monolith’s classic FPS game. Jason (Jace) Hall wants to bring back Blood and get this right – this will be identical to the original game, but with functionality alterations/enhancements that are similar but superior to ZDAEMON’s. In other words, do not expect a modern-day remake with high-resolution textures and 3D glorified graphics. This is a tribute to all old-school fans who want to revisit Monolith’s game, and dare we say it’s the best way of remaking a game.
Jace asked the Blood community to create a “dream list” of all the things that they would hope for with Blood. Obviously, this Blood remake won’t incude all of them but Jace seems willing to try his best and include as many features as possible.
Furthermore, even though Jace will drop some money on this project, it will be released for free. Jace said that there won’t be any legal issues with the game’s copyrights and that he’s ready to go. And although¬†Jace has¬†the game’s source code, he won’t release it to the public.
Nothing is certain at this point, so this remake might not see the light of day. As always, we’ll keep you posted about its progress!
Blood (Monolith 1997) Walkthrough - E1M1 : Cradle To Grave